Braun (Sorta) Resurrects an Old Dieter Rams Watch Design

By Adrian Covert on at

In 1978, Dieter Rams designed a watch for Braun that saw a limited, 3,000 unit production run. The stainless-steel DW30 featured a digital face and only two buttons, with a thick, leather band holding the timekeeper in place. Out of production since 1982, Braun has resurrected the spirit of the DW30 with the BN0076—a watch directly inspired by Rams' design, but updated for a modern wrist (or something like that.

For the most part, this watch is a nice piece, with the core aspects of the original being well-represented. But when compared to the original, its inferiorities come out. Little things, like the narrower, non-flush band, or the seemingly-elongated face, or the subtle curves on the side of the face, all add up to a design that is less striking than square, angular design Rams originally dreamed up.

But hey, CoDesign says that the original DW30s sell for over £600 on eBay, so being able to snag the updated BN0076 for £160 might be worth the little differences for some. [CoDesign]