Britain's Real-Life Lost City of Atlantis Found At the Bottom of the North Sea

By Sam Gibbs on at

Atlantis may be a myth, but Britain's got a real-life lost city of its own called "Doggerland". Submerged in the North Sea, it's believed to have been home to tens of thousands of people, and woolly mammoths -- the real "heartland" of Europe -- before being swamped by water. Now you too can see it.

After a 15-year project to unearth the truth about Doggerland, its history has finally been pieced together through painstaking analysis of the bottom of the sea and artefacts brought up from the depths. It was a huge strip of land situated between Scotland and Denmark that existed between 18,000 and 5,500 years BC before being swallowed up by the sea.

Using data from oil and gas company surveys, scientists have managed to put much of the story together, which is now on show at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in London until July 8th. There's even an interactive virtual representation of the lost world for you to explore.

It's amazing to think there was a whole strip of land right there attached to Scotland, which has since been swallowed-up by the sea. It really is our low-budget, British equivalent of the lost city of Atlantis, just with added woolly mammoths. [BBC]

Image credit: Europe's Lost World blog

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