Camo Bolt-Action Pen Review: Now That's a Pocket Protector

By Gizmodo on at

The web is full of secret online weapons stores and places you can legally load up on ammo. But the pen is mightier than the AR-15. Especially this bolt-action bullet pen.


What Is It?

It's a pen made of a replica 30-caliber bullet, with a rifle-shaped pocket clip.


Who Is It For?

Anyone who loves guns and writing. At the same time, apparently.



Very military. The end of the pen looks like the tip of a bullet, and the ink tip releases like the bolt-action .22 you used at Scout camp.


Using It

It writes well. The bolt-action release is a little awkward one-handed, but you can do it. (Two-handed operation would be a deal breaker.)


The Best Part

The little rifle-shaped pocket clip, which even has a scope.


Tragic Flaw

It's a £35 writing utensil. Do you know how many bags of Bic pens £35 buys? Even those Pilot V-Balls are like 2 for £5.


This is Weird…

The camouflage in the middle is kindy of milky and swirly. It's...pretty. It looks odd on a bullet with a bolt-action release and a rifle clip. Maybe if it was darker, or that digital camo, or something?


Test Notes

- I'm left-handed, so I'm not sure if that hurt how well I could use the bolt-action release.
- Provided a bunch of little notepads to write on, I scribbled through them. Nice lines.
- It's comfortable to hold, although a bit bottom-heavy.
- The slick bullet shank is a little hard to grip. A 30-cal is a fat round.


Should You Buy This?

A pen like this appeals to a very specific group of people. Are you into the gun aesthetic? Do you collect pens? This could be a nice gift for you! If you're a no-nonsense writer who really only needs pens to serve a non-decorative function, then no, this would seem an odd, frivolous choice.

Camo Bolt-Action Pen Specs
• Size: 5-5/8" x 5/8"
• Weight: 48g
• Stock Ink Colour: Black
• Gizrank: 3.0 stars

Photos by Michael Hession