Charge Your iPhone with Burning Pine Cones

By Sam Biddle on at

The first time we saw the BioLite camping stove, it was a fantastic idea that seemed sadly like vaporware. Now it's real, redesigned, available for sale at around £150, and will be awesome for wilderness geeks everywhere.

The idea is brilliantly simple: burn whatever you find in the woods — sticks, leaves, pinecones, whatever—and let the stove transform the heat into electricity you can use to charge via USB -- and it should provide about the same output as your laptop. No bulky solar panels, no extra battery packs — though it will add just under 1kg to your kit. And since it's a real fire and not some extra charging gadget, you can actually use it to boil water and cook with — and that's really why you're sitting out in the wood anyway, right? [BioLite via BoingBoing]