Does This Look Like Tower Bridge to You?

By Chris Mills on at

China is infamous for its dubious interpretation of copyright laws, but this time it's gone bigger and better -- it's moved on from cloning smartphones to full-on copies of famous architectural monuments including London's Tower Bridge.

Suzhou city in Eastern China is now the proud owner of their very own version of our much-loved Tower Bridge, although they've felt the original (shown below) was a bit inadequate, and given their version four towers to the original's two. If that wasn't bad enough, there's a cafe on top that promises "authentic English-style coffee" -- oh the irony.

This isn't the only famous bridge the Chinese have ripped off either. The Sydney Harbour Bridge and Paris' Alexandre III also got their own unique Chinese tributes. They're such terrible imitations, but so shamelessly copied, that I'm not sure whether to be appalled or just crack up at the fake tacky lions. Check out the rest of the rip-off gallery over on Travel 163 and let us know what you think. [Travel 163 via MICgadget]

Image credit: Tower Bridge via Shutterstock