Drink Your Way Through The Dark Knight Rises With Popcorn Vodka

By Chris Mills on at

Have you ever had the problem of wanting to eat popcorn and consume hard spirits at the same time, but been defeated by the effort it takes to put a bag in the microwave? No? Well, even if you haven't, 360 Vodka is going to solve that problem by combining both in one potent/manly bottle.

This isn't a novel experience for the company: as well as being the world's first (and only) "eco-friendly vodka company", 360 already have a range of fruit-flavoured vodkas. Fruit, I understand. Fruit makes sense. Fruit's in cocktails. But popcorn?! Not only is this going to taste foul (I'm sorry, but I can't see how it could be anything short of weird), but it'll ruin the sweet innocence of popcorn forever! Still, maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way -- it'll be perfect for surviving the next time you're dragged along to another load of chick flick drivel when you'd rather be watching Christian Bale smashing his way through Gotham for the third time. [Vodka360 via Droold]

Image credit: Man on Couch from Shutterstock