Echograph: A Full-Featured Animated GIF Maker for Professionals

By Leslie Horn on at

There are tonnes of GIF-making apps out there, but there aren't a lot of professional-grade solutions. So if you're looking for something powerful to play with on your iPad, Echograph is your answer.


What does it do?

Echograph lets you add motion to your photos using taps and swipes on your Apple slate. However, it's less of a trendy app, and more of a pro tool geared toward photographers and creatives.


Why do we like it?

GIFs are fun and sharable and hilarious, but Echograph sees these cinemagraphs as art above all else. You can use pictures taken on your iPad camera, but you can also import higher-res pics using this custom dongle. It's an easy, hands on way to make quality animations of a more high-brow variety. [FastCo]

Echograph is £2.49 for the iPad