Ever Wondered What It's Like As a 75-year-old? Here's the Age Man Suit To Let You Know Exactly How

By Jon Partridge on at

The world of medicine is a constant, evolving beast that looks to treat the ill and essentially extend the length of life for everyone. But I wonder, have doctors ever thought what it's actually like to be an old person interacting in the world? Researchers have come up with a suit to help answer that question, as it enables younger bodies to feel what it's like to be an elderly person.

Pioneered at the Evangelical Geriatrics Centre in Germany by Rahel Eckardt, the Age Man Suit is designed to force a younger person to experience the physical limitations that many elderly people cope with. The 10-kilogram suit also muffles hearing; includes a yellow visor to restrict vision; includes padded gloves to dull the sense of touch; and also chucks in some knee and elbow pads to restrict full body movement.

Simulating what it's like to be older than 70 isn't quite on the top of my list of things to do, I mean I'll get there eventually, but consider me a little bit curious to try out the suit. [The Guardian via DVICE]