Find Out If You're About to Be Flooded Out In Real Time

By Jon Partridge on at

Next to a good cup of tea, Britain is also well known for its ever-changing weather. With long spells of hideous rain making up the most of the past week, many places have suffered some severe flooding. With more rain surely on the way, there begs the question: 'Will I get flooded next?' No longer do you have to look out the window or even put your wellies on and check outside, just check out this awesome map.

Data visualisation firm Shoothil from Shrewsbury, has built an extremely useful live flood warning map that utilises data from the UK Environment Agency. The agency has a nationwide network of stations that issue flood warnings and alerts and the live flood warning map takes all these alerts and overlays them on top of a Bing map.

You can browse the whole thing and make fun of your mates who might get stuck in a load of rain, or search for your own post code if you're weary. Perhaps even more useful, you can even set up custom alerts via your Facebook account so you can check from the office if your commute home is going to get a bit wet, or even totally screwed. The system itself was available on Facebook back in April, but now has its own website. Useful. [Shoothill via]