First Ever British-Born Drone "Mantis" Takes to UK Skies

By Jon Partridge on at

British pride has been in full swing this year, with the Queen's Jubilee spearheading the way, alongside the upcoming Olympics and other various sporting events. Each of these spectacles has enabled us to get behind our country and be proud of our nation. Here's something else to be proud of too (or scared), as BAE Systems has revealed that its brand new Mantis UAS Concept Demonstrator drone is about to be trialled in UK airspace for the very first time.

While America has had its fair share of fun with unmanned crafts, the Mantis drone is Britain's answer to the future of combat in the UK. With the upcoming 2013 trial ensuring that the drone will be ready for war, we can be proud of a British-made system finally coming to fruition that will help protect our shores, or spy on us from above depending on your paranoia level.

The Mantis has previously been tested in remote locations in southern Australia, but it will really be tested when it takes to the busy British airspace. If it all goes well, the future looks bright for unmanned drones in the UK. [TechRadar]