Free Ad-Supported 3G Data Service Now Ready for UK Use

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you're OK with the idea of an ad-funded life in which everything you do is watched over by an iframe advert for mature dating, this might be of note. Mobile network Samba is now up and running in the UK, which lets you build up a mobile data allowance by purposefully watching ads.

Currently, only iPad users are eligible to join the ad-funded internet revolution, as it requires users to install an app or browser plug-in to monitor use and serve the critical ads. Once users have got themselves a Samba micro-SIM or dongle (coming soon) for laptop tethering, the ad-watching can begin.

Samba says that sitting through 2.5 minutes of ads ought to earn users enough credit to download just over 500MB of data, which is provided through the Three network. Extra credit can be earned by buying stuff through linked affiliates, or you can just buy some with money if it's all too much fuss. [Samba via BBC]