Gawking at Girls Now Lands You a £60 Fine

By Chris Mills on at

I'm sure many men are familiar with this scene: a particularly attractive girl happens to be standing by the side of the road, and as you drive past your eyes might linger. For one unlucky motorist, however, the price for this bit of rubbernecking turned out to be more than a disapproving stare.

26-year-old Doug Maclean came to the attention of the rozzers after admiring a particularly attractive female pedestrian in Stokenchurch, Buckinghamshire. A police dashboard camera shows him leaning over and staring out of the back window of his car to get a look at the woman's face. He was hit with a £60 fine for 'driving without due care and attention', and had to agree to a 4-hour driving awareness course. Unsurprisingly, he seems to feel he was unfairly treated:

"The girl had a very nice backside and I wanted to check out her face to see if it was as nice  as her figure. It’s what practically every bloke on the planet would do."

I know driving needs your eyes glued to the road, especially in built-up areas, but this seems a bit harsh. Yes, road accidents are pretty horrific and I'm sure they could be reduced with less rubbernecking -- but there are worse and more distracting things that the police could be targeting, surely? Even the cops in question seemed to sympathise in this case, with one of the officers admitting "I had a good look at her too. She was a bit of a cracker." [Daily Mail via Recombu]

Image credit: Woman from Shutterstock