Get Lost In Space With Branson as Virgin Galactic's First Flight (Actually) Rockets Next Year

By Jon Partridge on at

Looks like we're missing this target, but no fret, Branson and co. have announced the scheduled departure of the first Virgin Galactic space flight on board SpaceShipTwo.

Richard Branson has confirmed that he will be on board the aircraft's maiden voyage sometime in 2013, and that he's taking his two adult children along with him for the ride. You know, just in case anyone had any doubts over the aircraft's safety.

The 60-mile flight will will take over a couple of hours and includes five minutes of weightlessness plus the extremely pretty view, no doubt. The AP notes that a good 529 people have already signed up with their dollars to take a ride into space, up from the almost-500 we reported on before. Each person will take part in a week's training in the run-up to the trip. If you've got £128k just itching to be spent on something, Virgin Galactic are still taking booking's on the website. [AP (Yahoo News) via Engadget]