Google Kicks Off 'Legalize Love' Campaign to Make Marriage Equal

By Jon Partridge on at

While Google might be the largest search engine giant on the internet, with a wealth of information that could cripple many, the company's informal motto of 'don't be evil' is in full effect. It's put aside world domination for the moment while launching 'Legalize Love', a campaign to encourage countries to adopt same-sex marriage.

Aimed at making it legal to be gay, lesbian, or bisexual in countries where it is currently illegal or restricted by anti-gay laws or seriously homophobic culture, Google is starting off the campaign in more adverse countries before expanding the initiative to every country where the company has an office of some kind. Google will work with local and international organisations to lobby foreign governments and hopefully change legislation that is anti-gay.

The company admits that the campaign won't be easy, but Google believes that that it will be good for both the company and the world, enabling it to build up strong relationships with worldwide communities, and get the best employees from around the world, regardless of their sexual orientation. If any company can lend a hand into pro-gay rights and have a clear affect, it's going to be Google. [Jezebel]