Google Maps Brings Cycling Directions to Europe and Australia (Plus a Cringe-Inducing Video)

By Jon Partridge on at

Cyclists assemble! No longer do you have to put up with riding into a car-infested deathtrap of a road, as Google has finally rolled out their cycle service to Google Maps users in Europe and Australia.

Users will see see a bicycle icon next to the current car, public transport and walking options, and selecting it brings up a snazzy new overlay that displays the National Cycle Network. Google was assisted by Sustrans, a company that promotes viable transport alternatives (and also produced this cringey video), and helped out with mapping up the Cycle Network. The NCW showcases the UK's dedicated bicycle lanes and paths, enabling cyclists to get around in a much safer way.

Similar to a few Google products, the service is still in beta, and some paths might not be reflected in the map, therefore feedback is very much appreciated. The service will also work on the mobile app version of Google maps. []