Google's Sticking Your Nexus 7 in the Post by July 20th

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google has given us some hard dates on shipping schedules for its Nexus 7 tablet, helping end some of the confusion over who's getting their tablets and who's still stuck in the queue for machines bought direct from Google.

In a post on its Google Support forum, Google says all 8GB Nexus 7 orders should be out of the doors and on their way to UK buyers by July 20th, with those who ordered the larger 16GB model before June 30th also seeing their tablets sent out before the 20th.

The only people waiting a little longer in the UK will be those who ordered the 16GB version of the tablet after June 30th direct from Google, with Google saying those orders will begin to ship some time next week.

Google says it has seen "incredible demand" for the tablet, if that helps make the wait any less frustrating. [Google Support via Android Central -- Thanks, Darrell]