Grab Yourself Windows 8 For Just £26 By Installing the Release Preview Right Now

By Sam Gibbs on at

Earlier this week we heard Microsoft was going to let almost anyone with any version of Windows from XP up upgrade to Windows 8 on-the-cheap, but it seems even those on the free Windows 8 Release Preview can upgrade to the full thing for just £26 too.

Basically, that means you can grab a full copy of Windows 8 for only £26-odd, just by downloading and installing the free release preview version of Windows 8. Sounds an awful lot like Microsoft's taking the Apple route of cheap software upgrades to get everyone on-board. Trouble is, Microsoft makes most of its money from software, although that might change soon, I guess.

So, if you haven't already, get downloading and installing the current beta of Windows 8 while you still can, and grab yourself a copy of Windows 8 on release for less than £30. [Computer World]