Greek Olympic Athlete Booted Out of the Games For Twitter Gaffe

By Sam Gibbs on at

LOCOG's warned that social media could be dangerous for athletes, but it's not a Brit that's the first casualty -- a Greek triple jumper got ejected from her Olympic squad after racist "joke" tweets sent the Greek Olympic Committee reaching for the you're fired button.

Voula Papachristou posted racist comments targeting Africans living in Greece, as well as retweeting comments from a far-right politician slating immigration. That instilled anger from the Greek population, as well as the government, calling her to be booted out of the Greek Olympic squad.

Papachristou publicly apologised on Twitter, but it wasn't enough to save her Olympic career. The Greeks decided her comments went against everything the Olympics stood for, and so banned she was, which sounds fair to me.

I have to admit, with LOCOG's super-harsh social media rules, I thought it would be one of the Brits getting in trouble via Twitter or Facebook first, but I guess Papachristou saw to that. Something tells me we'll be seeing more social media slapdowns in the near future, hopefully without a racist bent. [BBC]

Image credit: Banned from Shutterstock