Bruce Springsteen's Aborted Hard Rock Calling Gig Had Nothing to do With Health and Safety

By Sam Gibbs on at

Well here's a turn up for the books. The Health and Safety Executive has spoken out -- don't blame H&S, it had nothing to do with the curfew that cut off Bruce Springsteen and Sir Paul McCartney in their prime at the Hyde Park gig last Saturday. What the hell?

In a surprising, but somewhat obvious positive PR move, the deputy chief executive of the HSE, Kevin Myers, has up and spoken on the department's "putting the record straight" blog:

"The fans deserve the truth: there are no health and safety issues involved here. While public events may have licensing conditions dictating when they should end, this is not health and safety and it is disingenuous of Live Nation to say so."

Apparently Myers is a massive Springsteen fan, and was actually in the crowd at the time, probably booing and hissing as the mics were turned off. Even Boris Johnson has gotten in on the event bashing:

"It sounds to me like an excessively efficacious decision. You won't get that during the Olympics. If they'd have called me, my answer would have been for them to jam in the name of the Lord!"

It seems that when you've got enough money to live on the boarders of Hyde Park, you've also got enough power to put the squeeze on gigs. I have to say, this is the first time I've ever heard of health and safety not being the issue though. I'm still not a fan though, no matter how much positive PR spin HSE fires at us. [HSE]

Image credit: H&S from Shutterstock