HMV Puts the Nexus 7 Up For Grabs From Next Week

By Sam Gibbs on at

We’ve heard several other British high street stores will be packing the gorgeous new Nexus 7, and now HMV's added to the line up too. Buy a Nexus 7 and possibly save HMV from doing the way of the dodo.

Considering HMV's future has been in doubt, what with declining music sales, branching out into tablet sales is a logical step, I guess. It seems you'll only be able to get the 16GB variant for 200-quid there, but then you'll need space for all those HD movies you've "bought".

Will you be queuing up to grab one come Monday? Having had hands on it myself I can say, it'll probably be the best £160-200 you'll spend all year. [TechRadar]