How Much Mobile Data Do You Actually Chew Through In a Month?

By Sam Gibbs on at

It's an age-old problem. You assume, as a power-user, that you need unlimited data because you use oodles of it. Or at least you think you use oodles of it; the networks on the other hand protest that you don't. Apart from Three that is, who say users gobble up over 1.1GB a month each.

By my own metrics, I pull down about 1GB of data a month, which ties up nicely with what Three's saying. In one year, the network reckons users have more than doubled their data consumption from an average of 450MB to over 1.1GB a month. That's not all; iPhone and Android users fill their boots with almost 1.5GB a month each. Considering the average data contract allowance is going down, not up, this just proves that the networks don't have you in mind when they set their pricing.

So, dear data hungry users, how much do you actually get through on cellular networks? And are you on unlimited plans?

Image credit: Phone data from Shutterstock