How Roku Could Win Media Streaming

By Jamie Condliffe on at

The Roku is a hell of a media streamer: its only real competitor is the Apple TV, but it costs half as much. No brainer. Which is exactly what News Corp and Sky seem to think — as they've just ponied up £29 million to help Roku win the streaming race.

Announcing the investment this morning, Roku explained that it will be using the cash to expand its current organisation and push forward with the Roku stick, which it plans to launch this fall. The stick, which packs all the features of the small box currently available, will shove straight into the back of your TV. Completely unobtrusive, and potentially brilliant.

The investment will see News Corp's Chief Digital Officer Jon Miller join the Roku board, but most importantly it will give the company a shot in the arm which could see it jump from key player in the sector to market leader. It'll be exciting to see what Roku does next. [All Things D]