HTC's Flying a Nexus 7 Android Tablet Competitor to Our Shores

By Sam Gibbs on at

Looks like the 7-inch tablet wars are truly upon us. Google's in there already, Apple's rumoured to be joining the party, and one of the original 7-inch crew, HTC, is firing another tablet into the mix. The HTC Flyer's getting a successor and it's heading to the UK.

There aren't any concrete details on when, what and for how much, but it's definitely coming to the UK, according to PC Advisor. We assume it'll be another 7-incher packing Jelly Bean, but whether it'll be a direct competitor to the Nexus 7, or whether it'd more likely end up competing against the Galaxy Note 2 with its stylus, we don't know. Let's just hope HTC's learnt its lesson from the less-than-popular Flyer -- launching at £600 it was sure to fall flat on its face. [PC Advisor via SlashGear]