iFit: Recreate the Same Exact Workout Every Time

By Leslie Horn on at

Do you ever finish a really pleasant run and wonder where exactly you just went? What was the name of that park? And which cul-de-sac did you cut through to get there? iFit will map and store your route, even if you're jogging through an area without a signal.


What does it do?

Stores your workout routine, whether you're biking, walking, or hiking. This new fitness app, which has had a web-based counterpart for quite a while, will also track calories burned and monitor your weight.


Why do we like it?

You can hit the treadmill in a gym and recreate your workout from an outdoor track (provided that the machine is compatible with iFit) down to the distance and elevation. Stay on pace using the CadenceMeter (essentially a metronome that beats as you pound your feet on the pavement). It holds at a consistent rhythm—the perfect speed for runners says iFit—even when your music's playing.

iFit costs £1.49 for iPhone