iPhone Catches Fire In Finnish Man's Back Pocket, and Thankfully There's CCTV Footage For Everyone to Ogle

By Sam Gibbs on at

Henri Helminen, a 17-year-old Finn, had a lucky escape yesterday -- his 90-day-old iPhone caught fire while it was nestled in his back pocket. Smoke, presumably from the battery, alerted the teenager to the mishap, allowing him to toss the thing out just before it burst into flames.

The whole escapade was captured on CCTV camera and posted for us all to enjoy. We should all know by now that batteries aren't always the most stable components, but this exploding joy was suspiciously close to Nokia's HQ; maybe Nokia's got some sort of fancy non-Nokia death ray for phones? A bit like Apple's own reality distortion field perhaps, where anything non-Nokia that comes within 100km of Nokia HQ instantly malfunctions -- no wonder Windows Phone is now beating the iPhone and matching Android in Finland. [Kauppalehti via 9to5Mac]