Iron Man 3's Armour Unveiled, Looking More and More Like a Beige Power Ranger

By Chris Mills on at

Iron Man is meant to be a big, mean, badass superhero with the most awesome set of high-tech flying super-deadly armour in the world. I'm confused, then, that photos of the new suit of armour for Iron Man 3 seem to show something that looks suspiciously like a cross between a clone trooper and a Power Ranger.

At the San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel put up a massive booth showing a line-up of all the past and present Iron Man outfits, with the new set literally taking centre stage. They call it "gold"; I think it's more of a weird beige colour, looking curiously like a marshmallow version of a Stormtrooper, rather than an awesome alien-blasting superhero. Why, Marvel, why? You had something great; don't screw it up by meddling every five minutes. More than anything else, I imagine that beige armour is a right bitch to keep clean. What do you think? Improvement on the old version, or will this have 12-year-olds everywhere in tears? Follow the source link for the full set of images. [ComicBookMovie]