Is Android Being Framed For This Botnet Spam Mess?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Reports of an Android botnet have been flying around from both Microsoft and Sophos, but it looks like someone might be attempting to frame Android using spoofed email signatures. Has Microsoft, Apple or someone else craving the downfall of Android gone a little bit too far?

Google's fighting its corner. Basically it's saying that there's no real evidence to support the conclusion that a recent bout of spam attacks was down to Android. In fact, Big G went as far as saying that its research turned up junk email that appeared to be sent from Android phones, but actually originated from PCs. The spammers disguised their putrid bile using Android formatting and a fake email signature to try and bypass spam filters. Judging by the amount of spam my Gmail account has been getting, I'd say it works too.

Honestly, it's difficult to really know if compromised Android phones are being used as part of a botnet here. According to Sophos, quite a lot of the spam seems to originate from IP addresses owned by mobile operators, and there is Android malware floating about, just like any other system.

Best to give your apps the once over to check they're all doing what they're meant to be doing and nothing more, and use a bit of common sense when installing apps in the first place. That alone should see that your Android pal doesn't turn into someone else's pet botnet zombie. [BBC]