Is Apple Working On a Google Glass Challenger, or Just Bagsying Patents?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apple has patented several technologies to do with wearable computing already, with the latest to pop up in the US Patent Office registering the ability to deliver Retina-quality display output to a small screen in front of the eyes. Like everyone's into doing nowadays.

The patent itself covers a rather technical way of altering image resolutions on a small display, covering pixel matrix division and the introduction of a lens to the wearable glasses, as if Apple's trying to patent the idea of using augmented reality glasses to allow the user to "zoom in" digitally on things they see.

As well as glasses, Apple says its technology should be considered applicable to anywhere "where a phosphor is excited," also covering e-ink displays, OLED screens, LCDs and all sort of visual tech.

Not quite as exciting a concept as the incredible Raspberry Pi powered universal translator and subtitle generator, but still something cool enough to worry McDonalds staff as to your intentions with your super-eyes. [USPTO via Patently Apple]