Is Nokia "Doing an Apple" By Partnering Exclusively With a Network For WinPho 8 a Good Idea?

By Kat Hannaford on at

According to a Financial Times article today, Nokia's looking to pinch a page from Apple's iPhone marketing book, for the launch of its first Windows Phone 8 Lumia later this year. Let me be clear: exclusive deals with networks may seem like a good idea to manufacturers (and especially networks), but for a platform still suffering from uptake issues, this would be akin to Nokia shooting off its pinky-toe with a rifle.

To give you some more context to the Financial Times' story, Nokia is reportedly seeking exclusive deals with European networks to create more support around the line of phones, which would be in the networks' best interests, if Nokia does plan on giving them a financial stake in the sales. Chris Davies over at SlashGear has some smart commentary on how a similar path in the US worked out well for the company. Well, according to Nokia.

I do believe networks should be doing more to help push Nokia's Lumia range. While the platform isn't for everyone, I'm always pleasantly surprised when I return to WinPho, and having gone back to using a Lumia 800 these past couple of weeks, I don't understand why it hasn't sold more than the four million units it confirmed in last week's financial report. While the platform may not appeal to "us," there's no reason Joe Bloggs and his mum out on the street shouldn't be considering it.

But is this the right way to push the upcoming iteration of Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments below. [FT via PC Pro]

Nokia is yet to respond to my plea for a statement regarding this article.