Is This the Best Idea For a Bike Lock Ever?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Locking up your precious bike is a necessary evil. If you don't lock it down hard, some cretin is always just around the corner waiting to half inch your pride and joy, but lugging that beast of a lock around is a right pain. How about an extendable bike lock that's actually bolted to your frame?

The idea behind the Miller Lock is that it's mounted to your bike where your water bottle normally sits, extending out and around whatever you're trying to lock your bike to. Quite a lot of scooters have this kind of integrated lock built into the bike's frame, so why can't it work for pushbikes.

The only problem I can see is if the lock isn't man enough to stand up to an angle grinder or freeze-and-smash a seasoned bike thief will make short work of it. Still, it's a great idea from four London lads, so if you want to see it turned into a product you can actually buy, hop on over to Facebook and vote for it in the Borro funding competition to make sure it becomes a reality.