It's Got So Bad That RIM's Flogging Off Its Private Jets For Some Extra Dosh

By Jon Partridge on at

Got a spare £4.5 million? Fancy buying a swanky executive private jet? Well the BlackBerry boys from Canada are thinking of selling off one or both of their two-year-old corporate jets to make the company a bit more lean. Well, I think they mean 'slightly less cash strapped'.

The two jets on offer are by Dassault and can seat nine and 14 people, so you can easily throw some sweet mid-air parties whilst you're flying all over the world. It's more likely that RIM will sell the smaller jet, which could go for around £4.5m, and hopefully save a truckload of money in operating and maintenance costs. RIM is looking to save around a billion dollars, or around £650m in annual operating costs, and it seems that every little thing will go towards that, and selling the company's luxury jets is a viable option.

Now, I just want to know, how's the sound system and are the seats leather? [The Guardian]

Image credit: Plane from Shutterstock