It's Hard to Believe that this Insane 3D Demo Is Not a Real Life Video

By Jesus Diaz on at

I've seen amazing demos of DirectX 11, but this is mind blowing. I have a hard time believing that this video is all rendered in real time with DirectX 11 hardware, but that's exactly what it is.

This amazing graphics demo was created by PC modder Hayssam Keilany and it squeezes every single bit of power from a Radeon 5870 using DirectX 11 hosted in a Intel Core i7-based PC.

I remember the days in which one of these frames would take a few days to render. Now, a graphic card can spit sixty of them every second. And yes, it's a cliché, but the frontier between real life and synthetic reality is about to completely disappear, with worlds as seemingly complex as ours generated in real time.

I want to be plugged to the Matrix when that happens. [Thanks Karl!]