Jeremy Hunt Drops His Clanger Hitting a Woman With a Flying Olympic Bell

By Sam Gibbs on at

This morning the whole nation went bell-ringing crazy; even Big Ben got in on the Olympic clanging action. But Jeremy Hunt, our hapless culture secretary, was just a tad too enthusiastic, breaking his hand bell mid-ring and flinging brass at a woman behind him. Ouch.

It was a scene that could have been straight out of the BBC's Olympic mockumentary Twenty Twelve, and almost as funny. Thankfully the flying bell didn't cause any serious harm, just a red-faced Hunt floundering to save some dignity. All that was needed was a good bit of James Naughtie pissing himself and the whole thing would have been comedy gold.

Let's hope Danny Boyle's wondrous Opening Ceremony goes a bit smoother tonight, eh? [Telegraph]