Kim Dotcom’s Extradition Hearing Pushed Back to March 2013

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Legal proceedings against Kim Dotcom aren't going so well for the US authorities. First a New Zealand court ruled that the Megaupload seizures were illegal, and now Dotcom's extradition hearing has been pushed back to March 2013.

The hearing was originally due to take place August 6th, but a series of complications — including the siezure ruling — have forced the date to be pushed back. On Twitter, Dotcom has accused the United States of "dirty delay tactics."

Wired reports that Ira Rothken, Megaupload's U.S. lawyer, thinks "Dotcom is looking forward to his day in court, to present his side of the story." It certainly seems that way: Dotcom recently claimed that Joe Biden was behind the shutting down of Megaupload, and that he has plenty more intriguing evidence up his sleeve.

Dotcom and co are currently free on bail, but are accursed of conspiring to commit large-scale copyright infringement. If convicted, they're set to face a long stretch behind bars and fines of millions of pounds. [Wired]