Kinect PlayFit Launches Today To Track Your Calories As You Dance In Front of Your Telly

By Jon Partridge on at

For those of you still using Kinect with your Xbox, you might find this little tidbit launched today quite handy for keeping in shape, especially for the upcoming summer (is it here yet?), as Microsoft rolls out Kinect PlayFit -- a free fitness dashboard that aggregates and tracks calories you burn as you play games with Kinect.

As you shake your moves to Dance Central 2 or just using the Force in Kinect Star Wars, Kinect PlayFit tracks what you do and lets you view a variety of your stats over time, where you can check out calories burnt; compete against friends and peers on leaderboards; and unlock Achievements to add to that ever-growing Gamerscore.

What's unique about the application is that it's the first of it's kind for a full fitness tracking package that also includes social challenges over Xbox Live. I'm all for encouraging fitness utilising video games, and I'm glad something like that has been utilised. Games like Dance Central are very active, so it only makes sense for this to be included. I do wonder how accurate the readings are though, as I'm sure the Kinect sensor can't quite track heartrate -- unless Microsoft are keeping something from us...