Kogan Gets Snubbed By Microsoft Over Its IE7 Tax

By Sam Gibbs on at

After Kogan took it apon itself to try and rid the world of IE7 with a tax on IE7-using shoppers, Microsoft's decided Kogan's just not fit to appear in Bing's listings anymore.

Curiously, Kogan.com no longer shows up in Bing's search. The company's UK arm does, but not the main US site, which is probably to do with the fact that the IE7 tax is only currently implemented on Kogan.com. The funny thing is, Kogan's quite a fan of Microsoft, just not IE7.

I guess Bing, which also powers Yahoo's search and some others, isn't that big a loss compared to Google. But it's a pretty blatant snub from Microsoft, totally removing Kogan's main site from Bing's listings. Obviously Microsoft was a little more offended than first thought by the prank. The Bing folk seemingly love IE7, perhaps a couple of them worked on it or something. [Kogan]

Thanks Seb!