Let's See How Well YouTube's Real-Name Comment Policy Is Working

By Leslie Horn on at

YouTube is notorious for its godawful, subhuman commenters. Google's solution? Implementing a new regime in which people are prompted to switch their accounts to their real name. Fortunately, the majority comments continue to be just as horrendous and offensive as ever. Business as usual!

Google started rolling out the change about three weeks ago, which should be a reasonable amount of time to see some tangible benefits. In fact, it's proven by our perusing of YouTube that 95 percent of comments still contain either a racial slur, a sexist tirade, is totally incomprehensible, or some combination of those. Here are some shining examples:


Here's the platonic ideal of a Real Name YouTube Comment. Well said, John Azevedo!


But assholes are still assholes, even when they're using their real names.


And the majority of people are still anonymous (racist) assholes.


Not to mention ignorant.


And creepy.


And underage.


And psychotic.


And incoherent.


And homophobic.


I mean, to each their own.

The point is, none of this is working, and Google is basically going to have to beg (or more likely, force) people to make the shift. Meanwhile, comments will continue to be awful as ever. Entertaining, but totally toxic.