LOCOG Forces Kids to Buy Adidas Trainers and Mums to Ditch Their Charity Bands, Just to Carry the Olympic Torch

By Sam Gibbs on at

A group of kids has apparently been banned from carrying the torch in Oxford, unless they fork out for Adidas trainers. If that wasn't bad enough, a mother has also been blocked from wearing a Help For Heroes wrist band, after her son almost died in a rocket attack in Iraq. This is the Olympics censorship gone mad.

We've heard quite a few horror stories out of the authoritarian vice-like grip LOCOG has over the Olympics, sponsors and the use of non-sponsor brands, but this takes the biscuit. The torch relay is meant to be all-inclusive; something everyone can share in. I can almost understand banning other brands from something sponsored by Adidas, but the least you'd think they could do is give the kids trainers, not force them to buy a pair themselves. But banning a charity wristband, and for something that helps our fallen soldiers -- that's just plain outrageous. LOCOG should be ashamed of itself. [Twitter, Metro, KentOnline]

Image credit: Olympic rings and Banned from Shutterstock