LOCOG, Not Tweeters, Blamed for Olympic Cycling GPS Balls Up

By Gary Cutlack on at

The timing failure witnessed during the men's Olympic road race could have been avoided, say those in the mobile industry, if only race organisers had told the mobile networks they were planning on using GPS and mobile connections to track the racers.

The technical issues that blighted the race were caused by bike-mounted tracking GPS chips, which used the mobile network to send their positions back to HQ. The mobile network congestion caused by the masses of spectators stopped some of the 2G connections getting through, hence the data pile up.

However, it could have been avoided. The Guardian quotes inside sources who say the Olympic organisers didn't tell the mobile networks (represented in London 2012 by the Joint Olympic Operators Group) they were reliant on mobile signals, and if they had known it's possible that more resources, or additional mobile masts, could've been pulled in to make things run a little more smoothly.

So while the IOC said the blame lay with data-happy spectators, the mobile networks are pointing their fingers at race organisers for not sending the appropriate memo. [Guardian]

Image credit: EEPaul / Flickr