Lolympics: Day 0

By Sam Gibbs on at

It's OC-day, that's the first official day of the London 2012 Olympic Games marked by the Opening Ceremony. That kicks off tonight, and is bound to be a wondrous occassion, filled with British pride and spectacular choreography, if everyone can get there that is. It's not quite as hot, so maybe the trains will be able to stop this time around, as long as the drivers aren't necking performance-enhancing beer that is.

It's day 1 of the Olympics, but not many events before Olympic Opening Ceremony apart from the odd spot of football and archery that is. Still, plenty actually happened, even if it wasn't sport related.


Olympics Good

- Great Britain (Men) Didn't Get Beat In the Football, But It Was Close
- Laura Robson Sneaks Into the GB Olympic Tennis Singles
Brewdog Sticks Its Middle Finger Up to the Games With Its Performance-Enhancing Beer


Olympics Bad

LOCOG Can't Get Football Fans Into the Stadium Fast Enough, Despite Newcastle Doing It Every Week
- Screen Fault Means Fans Miss Olympic Football
- Cabbies Clog Up London In Protest to Games Lanes


Olympics Ugly

- Specsavers Jumps On the Korean Flag Fiasco, Cheeky Buggers
- Jeremy Hunt Gets a Little Too Enthusiastic With His Olympic Bell Ringing, Almost Clocking a Woman In the Head With His Clanger
- "Unticketed" Means It's Not For You, Not That It's Free, as Hundreds of Archery Speculative-Spectators Found Out
- Police Don't Take too Kindly to Olympic Torch Relay Gatecrashers, as This Fake Torchbearer Found Out
- Cameron Responds to Some American Nob Dissing Our Olympics

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