Lolympics: Day 3

By Sam Gibbs on at

We've had a weekend filled with the Opening Ceremony; disappointment in the cycling, and a whole boat-load of sport, but today's just another day of the Lolympics. This time round we've got our dear PM using the tube; the most hilarious Olympics worker ever; the real skydiving Bond and Queenie, plus some squabbling over BMXs; a row over seats, and yet more trouble for G4S. Oh dear lord.


Olympics Good

- Tom Daley Achieves His 11-Year-Old Dream
- A Bit More Daley Trouser-Whipping Magic
The Real Bond and Queen Who Parachuted Into the Olympic Stadium
- This Is What the Opening Ceremony Looked Like From Right In the Middle of it All
- Even the PM Has to Avoid the Games Lanes
- The Happiest Olympics Worker Is Hilariously British
- Battery-Operated, Heated Shorts Are Team GB's Secret Cycling Weapon 


Olympics Bad

- Somehow This Counts as Olympic Art, David Hockney Totally Phoned This One In
- Tom Daley & Pete Waterfield Miss Out On Any Synchro Medal
- Paula Radcliffe Out With Injury
- GB Captain, Kate Walsh, Has to Have Plate Surgically Fitted After Having Her Jaw Smashed (Hockey's a Dangerous Game)
- America and UK Fight Over Who Has the Best BMX
- Boris Gets His Nails Done (WTH?)


Olympics Ugly

- Scotland Yard Admits Losing the Keys to Wembley Before the Olympic Football
- Visa Card Payments Crash at Wembley
- After Being Total "Sell Outs," Loads of Seats Lay Empty Despite the Public Not Getting a Sniff at Tickets
- Olympic Flame Dies and Has to Be Relit By Some Bloke on a Cherry Picker
- Things Go From Bad to Worse as G4S Guard Flips Out Spitting at a Soldier 

Image credit: Olympics sprinter from Shutterstock

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