Lolympics: Day 4

By Sam Gibbs on at

They said the London 2012 games were the "social" games, and if they meant Twitter causing a right old mess for everyone, then they were spot on. We've now had two Olympians ejected for racist tweets; someone get locked up for abusing Tom Daley, and now a storm over Twitter's censorship of a journalist. Also, I'm apparently most similar to a female GB swimmer's body (who knew?), and we've won the first GB men's gymnastics medal in 100 years -- so, not all bad then.


Olympics Good

- The Good Ol'Horses Bag Us a Silver
- Murray Doesn't Get Knocked Out, Yet
- British Men Win First Gymnastics Medal In a Century 
- Totally Scammed Australian Couple Gets Anonymous Donor's Gift of Olympics Tickets
- Which Athlete Are You Most Similar to?
- Could You Be a Medalist? Find Out With This Awesomely Retro Game
- Behind the Olympic Opening Ceremony, Paddles and All
- Why Phelps Is Just So Good at the Butterfly


Olympics Bad

- Swiss Footballer Gets the Boot Over Twitter Racism
- British Journalist Gets the Twitter Ban Hammer For Criticising the Crummy American Olympics Coverage
- Teenager Thrown In the Slammer Over Tom Daley Twitter Abuse


Olympics Ugly

- Brazilian Women's Football Team Allege a Team GB Plot After Being Stranded on the Side of the Road For Five Hours Pre-GB Match
- Australian's Blaming Crowd For Possible Rowing Failures
- LOCOG's Really to Blame For Cycling GPS Foul-Up 
- Didn't Get Any Tickets? Don't Worry, You'd Just Be Getting Soaked Anyway

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