London's Southbank to be Home to Awesome Lego World Map

By Jon Partridge on at

Big Ben, the Empire State Building and Taj Mahal. All three are pretty great wonders of the world, but have you seen them all in one place? Well, if you head down to London's Southbank, you can witness all three of them, plus many more wonders, all in one place. The only thing is... they're made of Lego. Sweet.

A world map that features some of the world's most iconic landmarks will be constructed down at Southbank, using over one million different Lego bricks. The public are invited to join in on the building from today until mid-August, taking the opportunity to build 'Our World in Lego' as part of the summer-long Festival of the World celebrations.

The display is located on the Riverside Terrace, outside the Royal Festival Hall, and will be on display for a fortnight as it grows each day. For more information, check out the Festival of the World website, and get involved if you feel like playing with some Lego!