Lose an Hour This Afternoon In Google's Weird and Wonderful Chrome Web Lab Experiment Thing

By Sam Gibbs on at

In conjunction with the Science Museum, Google's launched a fancy new interactive experiment that lets you prat around on the internet; play and make music together; see through the eyes of a robot, and a load of other awesome collaborative audio-visual experiences.

One half of the Chrome Web Lab is manifested in the real world. The Science Museum has a new exhibit that shows off the wonders of the internet, transmogrified into the physical realm. People can make sweet, sweet music together with the "Universal Orchestra"; see data fly about the place with the "Data Tracer", and be teleported around the world with the aptly named "Teleporter". There are other bits and pieces to play around with, but the cool stuff starts to happen when you link up with the other side of the experiment in the digital realm.

Anyone with Chrome can just hit up the Chrome Web Lab, and play around, not only with other internet people, but with Science Museum-inhabiting visitors too. All the experiences are surprisingly good. I was soon making some really sweet beats in the Universal Orchestra with people from Japan, Russia, Germany, China and Bosnia Herzegovina -- a truly international crowd. Just make sure you've got headphones plugged in because the whole thing is one big interactive audio-visual experience.

It's a pretty fancy experience, if a bit strange, but if you're bored out of your mind this Thursday afternoon, have a play. I guarantee it's better than looking at spreadsheets, or trying to diagnose why someone's Exchange account won't let them send email (probably because their inbox is too big).

Thanks Amit!