Make Anything, Anywhere With This Combination 3D Printer and CNC Mill Briefcase

By Andrew Liszewski on at

A pair of MIT researchers—Ilan Moyer and Nadya Peek—have created a briefcase that can be used to create almost anything, including a duplicate of itself. And that's because inside the case is a multi-purpose tool that works as a CNC mill, a precision cutter, and a 3D printer.

The potential of such a device that serves as a miniature portable factory are just fantastic. Imagine a first-aid kit that can churn out perfectly-sized bandages and splints. Or a toolbox that will simply custom-make the exact tool you need for a job. It's almost like a modern version of Pandora's box, but instead of it releasing all the evils in the world, it has the potential to churn out pretty much any inanimate object you can think of. As long as you don't mind it being made from extruded plastic. So it's probably a good idea to leave the manufacturing of your artificial hip joint to the professionals. [Vimeo via Core77]