Make Your Way Through the Smoke to Check Out Gotham City in a Fully Fledged 3D Map

By Jon Partridge on at

It's no secret. We're big fans of The Dark Knight Rises. And we're quite giddy about this little contraption Nokia have put together to celebrate the film: a fully functional (and official!) 3D map of the sprawling metropolis that Batman calls home, complete with iconic locations, landmarks and Gotham's famous smog.

OK, it's tied in hard with the Lumia 900, but I think we can all forget this little bit of promotion and focus on the awesome map, which allows us to "explore Gotham City like never before" -- more like one of Batman's aerial surveillance cameras to be honest!

The 3D map experience also has a few goodies for keen-eyed fans, as taking note of some Bat-shields on the map will bag you some kind of exclusive, limited edition prize. Check out a quick teaser above and explore the full thing here.