Man Attacked in McDonalds for Wearing AR Glasses; Glasses Photograph the Whole Thing

By Gary Cutlack on at

Dr Steve Mann, who has been creating and using various forms of wearable, computer-assisted glasses since the 1980s, was set upon in a Paris McDonalds for wearing his digital specs in public.

Mann's report on the attack claims that three men, some of whom were wearing McDonalds name badges, tore up his documentation from his doctor and tried to pull the specs off his head while he was having a meal with his wife and kids.

Given that Mann's glasses are actually attached to his head, they're not the sort of thing that can be casually removed. He was then shoved out onto the street. The damage caused the specs to stop recording images and overwriting its continually buffered memory, so, unfortunately for the McD staff in question, photos of the event were left in the glasses' buffer.

All of which makes the idea of wearing Google Glasses out on the street rather less like a brave futuristic ideal, and more live an invitation to be mugged or beaten up for being a paedo. [EyeTap via Twitter]