Meet Kuratas: The Insane Japanese Killing-Machine Mech That's Actually Real

By Sam Gibbs on at

OK, we've seen plenty of these things in the movies; there's even a whole genre of games like MechWarrior based on the idea. But now the Japanese (who else?) have made it a scary reality, and it comes in a whole host of colours to match your outfit too.

Kuratas measures 4m tall; clocks in at 4.5 tonnes; will drive around at up to 6.2mph thanks to a diesel engine, and can truly blow you away firing 6,000 ball bearings a minute in its current "eco-friendly" configuration -- meet the new armoured-suit, harbinger of death. A human pilot can sit inside it, about mid-torso level, and control it from a protected, viewscreened-up cockpit. If that wasn't enough, you can also control it with an iPhone app (of course!) from a safe distance.

The mech was unveiled at the Wonder festival in Tokyo this morning, and while in its current guise it's geared up for war, apparently you can kit it out with fire-fighting equipment or anything else for that matter. Something tells me the next off the line will be kitted out with gatling guns, heat-seeking rockets and jump jets, possibly in hot rod red too. [YouTube, Guardian]