Microsoft: Kill All Your Gadgets. Now.

By Jon Partridge on at

Windows Gadgets users beware, having that little weather indicator or stock ticker on your desktop could allow hackers to hijack your machine. Microsoft's issued a temporary fix that pretty much kills the information-toting widgets.

Any attacker who has exploited a Gadget vulnerability could run a bit of malicious code as the current user, and if they're logged in with administrative rights, that could prove to be quite costly as the attacker could then pretty much own your system. However, users need to install and enable a vulnerable gadget, which could be easily disguised as something like a sports ticker or even a simple clock.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has completely closed the online gadget gallery, citing security issues as the main culprit, meaning Gadgets are effectively dead right now. Who knows if Microsoft is going to give these widgets the kiss of life in the future, or if they're just plain dead in the water, as the software giant has not elaborated on any future plans and they're basically dead within Windows 8. [ArsTechnica]

Image credit: Malware from Shutterstock