Microsoft Surface Might Have Priced Itself Out of the Game With £650 Entry Level Tag

By Gary Cutlack on at

One European retailer has stuck a price tag on its listings for the hot looking Microsoft Surface tablet, with the cheapest, 32GB ARM-based version of the slick tab coming it at a rather insane £648. That's in bonkers ultrabook territory.

The price comes via Swedish retailer Webhallen, which has also priced up the 64GB version of the ARM Surface at around £920. The Windows versions are even crazier, with the top-spec 128GB Windows Pro model coming it at an astonishing £1389.

These prices may well be nothing more than a shop having a guess in order to bag some pre-order cash off early adopters, mind, although Webhallen appears to be a significant Microsoft reseller in Sweden, so we'd expect a little more than wild stabs at a final selling price. [WP Central]